Week 4 – 20 in 20

This week marks the final trip down memory lane. We have really enjoyed looking back at the most memorable projects we have completed over the last 20 years and hope you have too.

To finish off our top 20 we are looking at 8 projects this week:


Origin – this was a fabulous project we were super excited to deliver.  The build included creating a customer showroom and an incredible workspace for their employees. Read the whole case study here





Watchfinder – This job was special as we were involved in the search for Watchfinder’s new home. We worked with them during their search and once they found somewhere that ticked all their boxes, we were able to start planning and designing their new workplace straightway. We have the full case study available here.


Tenable- This was our first fully remote project. The management team was based in the US, meaning we did all our meetings and presentations over zoom (this set us up well for when all work went remote during the pandemic).  The managers didn’t see anything in person until the project was finished.  It was a fabulous modern scheme and Tenable was delighted with the results.  Check out the full case study here.



Amicus – In 2016 we completed this gorgeous workplace for a biotech pharmaceutical company called Amicus.  This company was founded by a family whose own children were diagnosed with a rare disease and the family founded this biotech business which is dedicated to finding treatments and cures for very rare genetic conditions.  Read the full story here




Keltbray – we undertook a refurb in occupation (RIO) for construction giant Keltbray in 2016.  The result gave the workplace a clean, slick look and created a positive workplace for their team to work from. Read all about it here





Firmenich – In 2015 Firmenich, a flavours and fragrances powerhouse, partnered with us on a RIO in their west London office.  Read all about it here





Otsuka – After completing a workplace refurbishment for them in 2014, we were selected to complete an update to their meeting area in 2017.  Read the full story here





Kensington mortgages – Back in 2003 this was one of our first-ever projects, the client was situated on the Campus Reading site. This is particularly poignant as 20 years later we have just completed a RIO at the same office, however, the company is now known as Investec!




Here’s to the next 20 years!