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Workplace design and fit out

We design and build modern workplaces that effortlessly blend culture, ESG, technology and creativity.

A well thought out workplace Design and a masterful Fit Out is the key to creating a future-proof workplace. It can boost employee morale, increase staff retention and properly showcase your brand to your clients.

Our design team create beautiful office spaces that strike a unique balance, taking into consideration all the elements of a successful workplace. Using their creative flair to incorporate modern technology and flexible, agile ways of working. Weaving corporate brand and culture subtly throughout each design. Balancing this alongside your Environmental, Social and Governance targets to create a functional, positive workplace.

Whether you are on the cusp of a lease event where you’ll move premises or you want to give a breath of new life to your current workplace via a refurbishment in occupation (RIO) we’ve got you covered.

Workplace consultancy

There is a lot to think about when it comes to planning a design and build project. Our experienced team give you the tools needed to make informed property decisions grounded in data and industry expertise.

Together we’ll develop a strategy to maximise your space, ensuring every area has a purpose. Through workshops and employee engagement we’ll develop a unique understanding of your team and what drives them.

Introducing the latest technology and new ways of working to enable your team to work most effectively. We’ll guide you to reach your wellness and accreditation goals.

Unlock the potential of your new workplace and optimise the performance of your building and people. Speak to us about workplace consultancy.

workplace design

Our methodical designs enable our clients to achieve their aspirations. Impactful workplace design is what we do best.

We take time to understand what’s important to your business and people. Taking into account ESG, technology, brand and culture. We’ll challenge your brief ensuring we leave no question unanswered and applying our experience and knowledge where needed.

Using CGI walk throughs, visuals, illustrations, detailed sketches and mood boards we’ll bring your design to life.

Developing costs and programmes alongside the design process will ensure your new workplace is delivered on time and on budget.

workplace fit out

Whether it’s a refurbishment in occupation (RIO) or relocation, we have built a reputation for delivering projects safely, on time, to budget and with minimal disruption. These are paramount objectives for every project.

Our commitment to long term relationships starts with the client and spans across the project team, building management team and professional teams. This approach ensures seamless coordination from technical design, to project build and through to delivery.

Our Site Managers all work directly for Blue Jelly ensuring consistent standards in Health & Safety and delivery across all our projects. Our approved subcontractor base have been selected because they share our standards on safety and service.

Our projects are delivered with an ongoing focus on ESG. From donating unwanted furniture to supporting local contractors; we will help you reach your targets.

that fits

Working with a combination of new and exciting manufacturers alongside well-established brands we take an independent approach to furniture selection. Tailoring our solution to your new ways of working.

Whether you want to create a home away from home environment, give the right first impression or promote collaboration we can suggest the best furniture pieces to compliment your developing design.

We’ll walk you through furniture audits, advise on move management and assist with storage. Together we’ll tour selected furniture show rooms  where you’ll be able to try our suggested pieces.

To reach your ESG goals we’ll help you make informed decisions about recycling, repurposing or retaining your existing furniture.