How we work

Our Process

how we work

Our process puts you right at the center of your project. Our service is bespoke and we tailor our offer to your needs but we always cover off the four key stages of explore, visualise, define and deliver.

The explore stage

The explore stage is all about you. Through workshops, exploratory meetings, phone calls and face-to-faces you’ll get to share your ideal workplace with us.

Your team won’t be forgotten either, we can facilitate workshops for the wider business to gather powerful insight into how your people work and what they need from their new space.

Together we’ll cover everything from your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, to your employee wellbeing and retention strategy, to your AV requirements. This stage hinges on what is important to you and your business. Blue Jelly is here to listen, share our expertise and bring additional ideas to the table.

Our team will then get into the nitty gritty of surveys, building appraisals, validations and investigating lease obligations. We also offer support with space planning, feasibility studies, workplace consultancy and change management.

the visualise stage

This is where we bring the project to life. Through masterful sketches, CGIs, walk throughs and 3D ‘lid off’ plans you’ll see your workplace transformed. You’ll be invited to navigate the 3D space to get a good feel of how the designs will flow in real life.

Furniture is a big deal to us at Blue Jelly. You’ll have the opportunity to go on a guided tour of the best suited furniture supplier showrooms so you can sit, stand and feel. Find out more here.

Throughout this stage we’ll keep you well informed of budgets and programme.

the define stage

Once you are happy with the project design then the detailed technical and services drawings will take place.

Whilst this is finalised the pre-contracts team will source competitive costs for all materials, furniture and suppliers which will feed into the final budget.

On your behalf we will obtain statutory and landlord approvals and prepare the commercially secure contracts.

the deliver stage

This is where the magic happens. One of our internal team of site managers will head up the project, becoming the main point of contact for the build. Site safety and commercial security are of the utmost importance throughout the deliver stage. From running the site hands on and managing risk through to the furniture installation and finishing touches, our team will take care of everything, keeping you well informed along the way.

that fits

Choosing the right furniture is a skill, we will guide you throughout the decision making process and can advise on specific products to help you meet your targets.

Our furniture advisors work closely with our design team to chose the best solutions to fit in with the space plan. Branding, look and feel are top considerations with options available for custom upholstery to bring brand colours into the workplace. Ergonomics play a big roll in making the right furniture choices. We can advise on the newest technology in seating, sit-stand desks, breakout furniture, booths and meeting pods.

To help you reach your ESG goals we can conduct an assessment of your existing furniture and help you make informed decisions on what is worth reutilising. Reusing furniture that has life left in it is an important step towards creating a sustainable workplace. Equally, old desks and chairs can compromise ergonomics and have a negative effect on workplace wellbeing. Our skilled furniture advisers are here to help you understand all these factors. 

Taking to the streets of London we will bring you on a guided tour of our recommended furniutre showrooms. You’ll be able to test out the products in real life, sitting on more chairs in one afternoon than you ever will have before. You’ll get to see all the options for fabrics, styles, adjustments and quality. This is a great opportunity for us to dig a little deeper and find out exactly what you like and dislike. After this we’ll produce options for you to consider, working within your budget.

Workplace consultancy

There is a lot to think about when considering a new workplace design and build project. From feasibility studies to change management we can assist you on the journey from start to finish. Our team help with space planning to ensure you maximise the usability of your workplace. We'll offer expert support as you begin a complex process of preparing your team for an office move or a refurbishment in occupation.