Why Blue Jelly?

From leading corporates to small charities, we work with clients across all sectors who are passionate about their workplace.

Our priority is getting to know you, your business and your specific objectives for a project. Whether you need a complete fit out or a refurbishment in occupation, our approach and experienced team will ensure you’re confident in the outcome and can enjoy the journey.

Our name says it all! ‘Blue’ refers to our processes, our stringent health and safety focus, and our contractual security. ‘Jelly’ is our people, whose creativity and approachability result in great designs and fabulous workplaces. When put together, we are creative, value driven, and safety obsessed.


How we work

Features of the Positive Workplace

Our mission is to create more than just a fabulous looking workplace.

In our experience, companies with a Positive Workplace that has been well considered by listening, well conceived in terms of layout and flow, and successfully executed, have happier staff. 

In the post-pandemic world, staff will be drawn to their workplace as a hub to meet, exchange ideas, feel part of a team and express brand values is more important than ever.

Wondering what we mean when we say this?

A client we worked with on many projects would always try to explain what he loved about Blue Jelly. For him (like so many of our clients), it wasn't just about seeing a fabulous finished workplace. It was about the whole experience of working with us. It was about the people and processes at the heart of the business.

The only way he could explain the combination of people, creativity, processes and reliability was to say 'it's a Blue Jelly thing'.

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Green Jelly

As creators and implementers we have a duty to care to our collective world and we're going about it in our own particular way, making sure every day counts.

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