Tenable Networks

What's The Story

  • Stunning highly branded environment
  • 12,000 sqft location close to Heathrow
  • A 'virtual client' based in the USA
  • Team neighbourhoods for 'flex'
  • Extensive acoustic solutions
  • Exposed services and feature lighting
  • Varied agile furniture solutions
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Tenable Networks are a leading global cyber-security company.

This success has led them to relocate their UK office to support imminent future growth. As a result a new location, close to Heathrow, will allow them to support their clients and meet their evolving business needs.

The fit out has enabled ‘new ways of working’ which promote a sense of community and brand identity. ‘Neighbourhoods’ have been created and placed around a hexagonal core. This arrangement provides both permanent and nomadic staff with a sense of belonging, as well as flexibility for future expansion and change. Placement maximises natural daylight in all working areas, essential in the promotion of overall wellbeing and productivity.

Staff wellbeing and ergonomics are further reinforced within the design DNA by installing height-adjustable desks to promote movement and blood flow.

The hexagonal core contains a varied choice of easily accessible meeting rooms, support spaces and I.T. facilities. Lastly, a large focal breakout space, adjacent to the main arrival lifts, supports breakout and team gatherings, created with an energising aesthetic which ‘buzzes’ with texture, colour and enviable natural daylight.

A truly versatile space that really puts its people at the heart of the design, encompassing all the elements of a modern Positive Workplace that people love to work in!