Modern Biophilic Design

Biophilia is the term used to describe how humans are intrinsically drawn to nature. It calms us, helps us relax and bringing us joy. Biophilic design uses these principles to bring nature into the office, helping to create environments where people want to work, positive workplaces.

Biophilic Design is not limited to plants and flowers. It includes creating access to natural light, embracing earthy colour palettes, using natural textures like wood and stone and creating uplifting outdoor spaces.

The effect of bringing natural elements into the built environment can be profound. It can lead to improvements in productivity, creativity, concentration levels, staff wellbeing, and retention levels. This is supported by findings published in The Journal of Experimental Psychology Applied called ‘The Relative Benefits of Green Versus Lean Office Space’. Their research compared people working in a ‘lean’ environment with little decoration against a ‘green’ environment with lots of plants. It found that “participants in the green office reported improved air quality, enhanced levels of concentration, and showed improved productivity 3 weeks after the introduction of plants on the workfloor.” The full study is available to read here.

Here are a few of our recent projects that embrace Biophilic design and celebrate our natural world:
Amicus Therapeutics – The design included up-lighting to mimic natural light, a natural tone colour palette and a statement living moss wall to frame their logo in biophilia.
Regus, Stockley Park – We created and inviting outdoor area by introducing soft seating, statement lighting, plants, a large rug and a wooden table. This maximised the outdoor space available and has become a focal point of the workplace.
Synamedia – On entry their logo is encased in a living wall to immediately bring the outside in.
Investec – This whole project oozes with plant life. There are tables built around full trees alongside hanging biophilia above the breakout islands and throughout the agile meeting spaces.
Metaverse VR Portsmouth – The design maximises the natural light that floods the space from the floor to ceiling windows. The breakout area is positioned on the corner of the building making it feel like you area outside when you sit and sip your coffee.
Energy Aspects – Plant life has been cleverly weaved throughout this urban workplace through lockers that double as greenery planters.


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