What's The Story

  • Comprehensive refurbishment of executive meeting and dining suite
  • Refurbishment and fit out of 24,000 sqft in Reading
  • Dilapidations and refurbishment of 48,000 sqft in Southampton
  • Various regional offices including Cheltenham and Exeter
  • Working with Investec's appointed project managers and worldwide architects
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Our first project for Investec, the specialist bank and asset management company, was the refurbishment of a 48,000 sqft building in Southampton.

The result of one of their company acquisitions, Forum 3 needed stripping out and refitting for letting. We worked well together. A very knowledge client wanting an honest and experienced approach.

Since then we have carried out projects from the straight forward 3,500 sqft regional office in Cheltenham to he 24,000 sqft refurbishment, reconfiguration and fit out of the Reading support office.

Our most recent project illustrates the trust Investec have in the Blue Jelly delivery. Working with their worldwide professional team of architects and project managers, we were appointed to refurbish the main client meeting and dining suite in the HQ at Gresham Street, Discreet working, strict security and fabulous finishes. A test for the Blue side of Blue Jelly.