that fits

Form & Function

Furniture has transformed the office landscape over the past decade offering an endless array of settings which merge integrated technology with much improved ergonomics.

In the post-pandemic era, carefully curated furniture packages will become more important than ever.

Beyond the obvious ‘primary’ purpose, it’s true to say that innovative furniture solutions help our designers tackle issues of acoustics, flexibility, concentration and effective team working.

By blending colour, form and material textures, a unique aesthetic emerges. When this is well aligned with branding and company culture, a Positive Workplace experience is achieved.

Blue Jelly’s specialists will work alongside your own team shortlisting the best products and providers to support your future workplace experience. Whether it’s ‘activity based settings’ for concentration work, or collaboration pods to get ideas flowing, we know all the best providers and can tailor a package to suit.

We focus on the right product, the right feel and the right price to suit your budget.