New Case Study – Investec

Across our decade-spanning relationship, Investec have trusted us to design and build their office spaces. This time they challenged us to create a space which encourages their team to come to the office and showcases their brand. As the leading, distinctive bank and wealth manager, Investec needed a blend of agile work areas, collaborative spaces, fixed workstations, meeting rooms and breakout areas.

This CAT A and CAT B project was split into two phases to make the refurbishment in occupation (RIO) as seamless as possible. Phase one took 12 weeks and included a vibrant entrance area with a dark blue feature wall, framing their logo with wooden beams alongside their iconic Investec Zebra. The office was then fully functional throughout phase two which created further collaboration spaces, agile workstations, meeting rooms, breakout areas and a purpose built town hall space.

The outcome is a beautiful, modern space that works for this growing buisness. It has boosted staff morale and encouraged the team to utilse the office to it’s full potential. Click here to read the full story and download the pdf.