Massive congratulations to our Senior Project Designer, Harriet, who recently achieved accreditation as a Fitwel Ambassador.

Lets take a deeper look at what this means for us and our clients.

Fitwel is a global tool which was launched in the US in 2016 by the Centre of Disease Control with a view to improving health outcomes for the building occupants and the community. The Fitwel rating is available to a variety of buildings including schools, hospitals, offices and residential buildings. There are 12 categories that make up a Fitwel score, these include:

  • Location
  • Outdoor space
  • Indoor environments
  • Water supply
  • Vending machines and snack bars
  • Emergency procedures

The scoring tool is based on over 5,600 studies, and at present has been applied to over 23 million buildings across 35 countries.  The science this tool was built on suggests that people, and the wider community thrive emotionally and physically when they are in a healthy building.

The role of a Fitwel ambassador is to advise and assess the building or floor being put forward for accreditation and give a score based on a benchmarking exercise.  They can also advise what should be included at the design stage in order for a project to be aligned to the 12 categories it is marked against.

Harriet said, “We always design and build positive workplaces, but now we can offer our clients a chance to apply for a Fitwel rating too. ESG is ingrained into everything we do, internally and for our clients, and now being able to offer this service reinforces our commitment to constantly improving.”

We are looking forward to benchmarking our own workplace and identifying some ways inwhich we can work to improve the health and wellness of our team.  Mark Bradburn, Director, said “We are really excited to be able to offer this service to our clients.  ESG is a massive part of our projects, and more and more clients are placing an emphasis on this in 2023.”

Would you like us design and build a workplace fit for Fitwel?  Get in touch today