2022 round-up from founding director paul horne

Well, that was a busy and exciting 20th year for Blue Jelly!

The first post covid year saw the ‘Return to the Workplace’ gather real momentum, with businesses and employees seeing the significant value in collaborating, mentoring, developing, and socialising as a team. Central to this positive view is how design and technology in a workplace continues to evolve. In most organisations, the sea of desks, static meeting rooms, and breakout areas geared up for the lunch breaks have been replaced with a variety of appropriate work settings, social areas, and meeting zones to support focus, collaboration, and video conferencing. This is providing an exciting and refreshing change from working at home.

At Blue Jelly we continue to value our client base and have been working with them to support their changing business and staff needs. Despite their diverse industries, we all share a passion for creative and appropriate workplaces to support both hybrid and office-based teams.  It was great to deliver new regional workplaces for leading legal practice; Irwin Mitchell and professional services provider; Haines Watts in numerous locations throughout the South coast, Midlands, and South West.

Refurbishment in Occupation (RIO) was also a key part of our business in ’22, companies chose to stay put and agreed key areas of refurbishment and modernization with their landlords.

Being our 20th year, it was fantastic to once again work with our longest-standing client Investec, to deliver a significant refurbishment in occupation to their Reading workplace at Campus. This was the 3rd project in 18 years for Investec in their Reading office.

2022 also showed a significant increase in new ‘End user’, Project management, and Landlord clients. We have created some fabulous workplaces for Cincom in Maidenhead, Croxsons in South London, and Cisco on the South coast to name a few.

Reflecting the changes and expansion in our market, Blue Jelly implemented the biggest changes since we launched in 2002 as we welcomed Jon Odey, Calvin Williams, and Mark Bradburn ‘Bradders’ as Directors to join Kevin, Scott, and I.

We have also welcomed several others to the team who share our passion for workplace evolution. Joining our dedicated existing team we will still deliver that ‘Blue Jelly Thing’ in terms of service, process, quality, and personality.

With this expanded team, Blue Jelly look forward to an exciting 2023. Delivering fabulous projects for our clients both existing and new.