New Designer – Lucy

We have a new Designer on the team, Lucy.

Lucy joins us having worked in the industry for several years, her experience in design and furniture will be invaluable as we take on new projects.

After a busy summer, we have caught up with her to find out the answers to the most important questions everyone asks a new team member.

Name:  Lucy Bartlett

Job role: Designer

Tea or coffee: Tea

Dogs or cats: Cats (I have a cat called Rocky)

Favourite job you have worked on: A few years back I worked on a project for shooting star children’s hospice, the brief was to update their family and canteen area, we had to get all our suppliers to do the work for free, this made it very challenging but was very rewarding when we handed it over and you saw the reaction from the children their families and the staff.

Favourite element of your role:  I enjoy being a lifelong learner picking up tips & tricks every day.

Best thing about this industry: I think it has been the people I have met and worked with, I know this might sound a little cheesy, but it’s what has kept me in the industry for so long.

Favourite TV show/film: Top Gun and the new one Maverick (cheesy movies I know) but on a serious note I loved the film, Coda.