Meet our new MD

Jon Odey – Business leader, People Leader, and new Blue Jelly Managing Director.

We’d like to introduce you to an important addition to the Blue Jelly family, Jon Odey, the new MD of Blue Jelly. Following a career spanning nearly 30 years in the Design and Build industry, we wanted to give you an insight into Jon’s path to Blue Jelly and what makes him tick.

The road started whilst at Uni on the install side of things to make some extra cash.  He should have always known his future would take this path as building is in his blood. His father built his childhood home, and Jon went on to design and build his own family home years later.

Jon’s mantra is to improve every day, one of the things he is most passionate about is developing and growing not only his own skillset but also those he works with. As a business leader, he feels strongly that nurturing talent within a business is a sign of good leadership. And if people are happy coming to work, they will undoubtedly give an extra 10% which in turn will make the business thrive. Not only does Jon love working with people, but he also has a keen talent for building successful brands and businesses. He has already held several directorships and started companies from scratch, he took one company from the ground to supplying furniture for Apple Inc across Europe and India which he describes as an “incredible opportunity”.

His reason for joining Blue Jelly was quite simple,

“The reputation (of Blue Jelly) was outstanding, along with their visions and culture. I personally wanted a new challenge, and this was an opportunity to be across the whole Design and Build business as well as furniture.”

He goes on to say that the Blue Jelly values are super important too, they create an opportunity for fairness and provide a synergy between staff, clients, and suppliers. Jon coaches Rugby and adopts a team mentality when it comes to business too. He is always striving for improvement, but never at the cost of his morals. He has a desire to continuously improve and raise the bar in all areas of the business. This includes site standards, delivery excellence, and client satisfaction. He places a strong emphasis on workplace culture being paramount to the success of a business. Knowing the culture at Blue Jelly already promotes this, he is keen to improve on this and get to know every member of the team.

When asked about his proudest work achievements he mentioned winning a contract with Deloitte, which made his previous company a big player in the furniture industry. The company grew overnight, and he was very proud that the team he had built was responsible for winning and fulfilling this contract.

During the conversation, Jon talks a great deal about self-improvement. Not one to sit still, not only has he achieved coaching qualifications he plays cricket and cycles regularly. It’s clear his family is very important, and they love spending time together in the great outdoors.

Welcome to the team, we are very excited about the future.