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Office Fit-Out in 2022

Blue Jelly is an office fit-out company based in Windsor, BerkshireOffice fit out 2022

2022 looks set to be the most positive year since 2019 now restrictions are easing.  Now people can work from their office again we anticipate more companies will follow workplace design trends and need an office fit-out.

A BBC article predicts businesses will be looking to workplace fit-out experts to reconfigure their spaces into social environments that promote collaboration, creativity, and independent working.

People will spend 30% fewer days in the office going forward.  Recent data is telling us the average business will reduce their footprint by 5%, so why move when you can improve? Blue Jelly are experts at refurb in occupations.

Do you want your team to return to the same pre-pandemic workplace? Is what you currently have fit for flexible working? Or do you want your team to return to a new fit-out workplace like this

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