Collaboration and The Positive Workplace

One of the Blue Jelly four cornerstones for the Positive Workplace is Culture and Image.

As we start the ‘Great Return’ Culture and Image are two massive driving factors in people’s desire to get back in the workplace. People being attracted back to an office because they feel part of an organisation with a culture and image will feel invested in the organisations mission. People returning to the office under duress will likely leave.

At Blue Jelly we break the cornerstone of Culture and Image down into three sub-sections:

  • Collaboration
  • Brand Awareness
  • Cultural Fit

Today I would like to talk about Collaboration.

Polls and surveys over the past 18 months have shown time and time again that collaboration is THE leading reason people want to return to the workplace and what people miss the most. And this is not just from workplace specific companies or Commercial Agents’ research:  ONS Survey.

But is collaboration just another workplace buzzword? What is collaboration? Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something.

Sure, since March we have adapted to do a lot of this virtually but speaking from experience, collaboration works better face-to-face. For Blue Jelly, our main areas of collaboration are when we discuss design concepts, detailed drawings or finishes – internally or with clients, and when we pass the project over to our Contracts team to deliver the project. By the nature of what we do we are in a constant state of collaboration.

Compassion agile working area

What about clients? Well, as well as a cornerstone of our ‘Positive Workplace’, we find that collaboration is also one of, if not the most important aspect for every business we work with and every project we work on. And collaboration itself varies greatly from industry to industry, sector to sector and individual companies within a sector. The success of a Blue Jelly project for our clients is the time we spend together to understand their business and what they need – this was true before Covid, is imperative now and will remain a crucial part of our projects as we climb out of Covid together.

In the workplaces we produce we listen to, and help identify, our clients’ requirements and ensure that employees culture and image is present and flowing throughout each build. We can create a Positive Workplace that will not only make best use of the space you are occupying, but also enhance your employee satisfaction, productivity, and motivation. Contact me today to receive your copy of our Blueprint for your Future Workplace guide and to discuss the start of your Blue Jelly journey.