Offices from around the World

‘Final call for flight 283 to …’ is something lots of us are longing to hear.

But with many of us only just starting to go into the office again regularly, and the world slowly opening back up it got us thinking about how the office has now become a destination for us.  It has been proved you can work from anywhere, but there is something exciting about heading into the office.

With this in mind, if we’re excited to come and sit in our lovely office in Berkshire, sans slide, how exciting must it be for others who have been missing their office putting green, slide or jamming room (yes, that’s a thing, thank you Google!).  So, as a summer holiday abroad looks unlikely for most of us again this year, we wanted to take you on an around-the-world trip, checking out some of the coolest office spaces we’ve ever seen!

1. First stop in Europe is Sweden. More precisely the Bhanoff Data Centre which is located in the White Mountains. Their website describes the centre as,

‘Blasted into the bedrock below ground in central Stockholm, this data centre is located in a nuclear bunker from the Cold War.

Excess heat produced by the servers is recycled into the local district heating network, making this one of the most eco-friendly data centres  in the world.’


2. Next, we’re visiting ever-popular Madrid in Spain; this workplace belongs to Selgas Cano Architecture. It’s located in a forest and is half sunk into the ground. This design is all about clean lines, bright and airy spaces and having a tranquil setting to really drive the creativity in this company.



3. This couldn’t be an around-the world trip without visiting beautiful Asia. Dtac in Bangkok has recently amalgamated all of its workplaces across the city to create one of the biggest ever workplace leases in Bangkok. Occupying 650,000 sqft this company has blended all the key requirements of a modern workplace to attract and retain talent.


4. Next, we are off to Canva in Sydney. This company has been voted best company to work for in Australia more than once and the workplace shows why. Not only does it have the usual games machines and breakout areas for lone working, but it also has a bar and kitchen open for breakfast and lunch, a climbing wall, and a parenting room (we could go on).  Its industrial design is in keeping with the area of Sydney they are located and everything in the office is done to make the people feel relaxed. This really is a home away from home!


5. Finally, we visit the good old US of A.  With so many tech companies operating out of northern California it was really hard to choose just one workplace, but we went with Airbnb. Their San Fran workplace was created based on the concept Belong Anywhere. They want to change work and event space forever. Just as any space can become a place for travellers to stay across the world, they wanted their office to be the same. The design plays host to the employees and guests, creating an environment that means people can work anywhere they are comfortable.


If you have been inspired by what you have seen, then get in touch to see how Blue Jelly can help your workplace become a destination!