5 Products You Need in Your Office When You Re-Open

The office is evolving; it’s becoming a home away from home. If the past 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that as long as you have a WiFi connection you can pretty much work from anywhere.  That includes any space in your office. With so many enquiries coming through for workplace adaptions, mainly with the need to utilise space and create different areas to work in, we thought this blog would give you some inspiration for the best products currently on the market that will help to transform your workspace alongside our talented design team.

1. Orangebox – Campers and Dens

The number of campsites across the UK doubled in 2020 vs 2019 and this looks set to increase for 2021 too. Orangebox has translated this lifestyle trend to the workplace and created these cool Campers and Dens as part of their office furniture range. Creating spaces within spaces this solution provides the perfect flexible space for whatever task you need to perform.


2. Sixteen 3 – Bodyn

This is no ordinary booth. It addresses agile working so well as it can be easily moved to any position in the office. Available in unique and interesting finishes, it provides a great look for any workplace.


3. New Design Group – August Nook

Need some quiet time to focus? These focus pods are well designed and fit into any space. It’s perfect for individual focus with a stylish aesthetic and good acoustics.



4. OE Electrics – PixelARC 4 in 1 charger

Electronic devices are part of our daily lives and we rely on them more than ever in the world of work. This nifty product can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously and has points for wireless phone charging, USB-C and USB-A ports, and a standard socket. We think you’ll agree it packs a lot of power for something so small.


5. PlanQ

This company is making sustainability look super stylish. Creating fabric for office seating, lockers, and a whole host of other incredible products from old clothes. Check out the ‘Denim’ chair below. Head to their website to see more of what they do!



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