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2020 vision for workplace design

Just like your business and your people, workplace design trends change and develop over time. As we move into a new year, we’re looking back at the trends that shaped 2019 and the new movements that we can expect to see in 2020. From outdoor inspiration to biophilic design, we’re here to guide you through the trends of past and present.

It comes as no surprise that nearly half of today’s employees say that workplace design has a significant impact on the decision to stay with an employer. So, with that in mind lets have a look at what was big in 2019 and what is to be even bigger in 2020!

Top trends of 2019

  1. Experiential spaces
  2. Flexible working spaces
  3. Old, meet new
  4. Bring the outside in
  5. Geometric patterns
  6. Colour blocking
  7. Co-working
  8. Agile environments

Up and coming trends for 2020

Whilst none of the above will be changing too much in 2020, what we do know is there are a few more key trends that look set to make a splash this year. In 2020 we see social trends dramatically impacting on and influencing the design landscape. It’s unsurprising that sustainability and wellbeing dominate the trends this year as we all move towards environmentally conscious living and mental health awareness gains momentum.

What is most interesting about 2020, though, is not just what themes have influenced these trends, but what the response from the design world has been. We asked our incredibly talented in-house design team, Scott, Heidi, Ana, Ariane and James what their top picks for 2020 were and here’s what they told us…

Blue Jelly 2020 office trends

Biophilic design

This has been building over the past couple of years. ‘Bringing the outside in’ was a key 2019 trend and it looks set to be one of the dominant office design trends in 2020. But what exactly is it? Biophilic design is the concept of bringing the natural environment inside and the benefits that come with that. Including plants in your workplace isn’t just on trend and aesthetically pleasing, they actually help to improve air quality in your office. As part of our Positive Workplace model, we always look to improve air quality as a standard and adding plants have become commonplace in our workplaces.


Workplace wellbeing will become a major focus for many brands this year. Many workplaces will be looking to create healthy workplaces that cater to employee needs with dedicated areas to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. Brands like Google have been doing this for a while but expect it to become more commonplace as more organisations look to gain WELL certification.

Sustainability calling

As our environmental conscience grows and the more we know and understand about the impact our travel has on the environment, we are noticing more companies including private spaces within the workplace so that conference and video calls can be carried out of the office or at home to save on the number of overseas trips or spending hours driving up and down the motorway. This shift in environmental consideration means many offices will need to update their spaces to accommodate this new way of working. The planet, and your HR team, will thank you later.

Locally sourced

It’s not just your food that will be sourced locally in 2020. We’re expecting to see an increase in more locally sourced materials and resources used in workplace fit outs this year. The benefits? Looking locally for design materials will add a sense of heritage and culture to your brand while leaving the weight of your carbon footprint significantly lower.

Feel good fabrics

Vegan, organic and recycled fabrics are emerging on the 2020 design scene. From sustainable, low emission, animal-friendly fabrics like organic cotton to bamboo, recycled wool and repurposed plastics, alternative materials are in abundance this year. This has naturally led to experimentation from our suppliers, and we’re eagerly anticipating what the design community comes up with this year when it comes to sustainable fabrics. For many brands now their culture is shifting towards being sustainable, so using these types of fabrics can embody what you stand for as a company.

Clashing colours

When it comes to the colour palette this year, going bold is just the start. We’re seeing a trend in clashing bold colours in an attempt to contrast tradition, break boundaries and be braver than ever before. From start-ups to established brands, this office trend will cement your business’ contemporary status if done well.

Finding creativity in comfort

Long gone are the days of brainstorming in bleak boardrooms for hours on end. More workplaces are adding home comforts to the office, we are seeing lounge areas being installed and spaces to encourage activity. Installing areas that are an extension of your home life, are likely to lead to creativity, productivity and employee retention by creating Positive Workplaces.

Empower your people

It’s no secret that Positive Workplaces attract positive people. In 2020, empowering your people will be at the heart of the workplace trends. Creating a space where your people feel empowered and inspired will lead to happy, productive team members and an even happier, healthier bottom line. When designing your new office, look to your team to ensure it caters to their needs and helps them to get their job done.

Keen to know more about the design trends for 2020?

Our in-house designers are our very own trend-savvy, Positive Workplace experts. From researching the latest trends to incorporating them into every workplace design, their passion for impactful design shines through in their knowledge and concepts for our customers.

We’d like to take an opportunity here to thank them for sharing their top trends for 2020. We can’t wait to see how they incorporate these into their designs this year!

Would you like to work with our talented team and discuss how you could incorporate these trends into your existing workplace, or to come up with a concept for your very own workplace fit out? Email our team today!