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Crafting positive workplaces

 Our team design and build modern workplaces that effortlessly blend culture, ESG, technology and creativity

Blue Jelly

It all started back in 2002 when our founding directors envisaged a new model for workplace Design and Build. In an industry where the format was static and the creative was dull, Blue Jelly shattered the status quo. We came in offering a fresh perspective with a powerful focus on building long-term client relationships, bold creativity and stringent safety processes.

Over the decades we’ve gone from strength to strength, creating an impeccable client base of repeat business and winning new projects for world class clients. In 2022, the year of our 20th anniversary, we marked an important milestone as we welcomed in three new directors to help take Blue Jelly to the next level. As we continue our journey of growth and development we will remained focused on what makes us Blue Jelly; our people, our clients, our creativity and our processes.

What's in a name

Blue Jelly is a name you won’t forget, that’s a given. Google thinks our next best search result is the American candy dessert, Berry Blue Jello. But, we take our name seriously because it means something.

‘Blue’ symbolises stability and it speaks to our wisdom and trustworthiness. It refers to our tried and tested process, our focus on health and safety and the highest levels of due diligence put into everything we do. It’s a multi-faceted word that to us means inspired and intuitive alongside calmness and serenity. Blue is the way we work, it’s our approach, it’s our character.

‘Jelly’ represents our people, the creative minds who drive the business forward day-in-day out. Their approachability, friendly humour and warmth builds trust with our client base and give our business true clout.

Together we are Blue Jelly, one couldn’t exist without the other.

What we do

Open plan office

For over two decades businesses across the UK have trusted us to design and build positive workplaces for their office relocation and office refurbishments. We create environments where your team want to work, encouraging flexible ways of working and future proofing offices for the years ahead.

Blue Jelly is a full service provider of office design and fit out, refurbishment in occupation, office relocation, workplace consultancy and furniture. We design and build spaces that elevate your brand, amplify your culture and support ESG, technology and creativity.

Whether you are a landlord, tenant or professional team we can help you bring your dream workplace to life. Our process puts you, your brand and your people at the center, ensuring your team have a space they love working in.

How We Work

We manage the entire process; from start to finish and beyond…

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Explore Explore

To start a project properly, we’ll identify and discuss your requirements. We’ll get together over a cup of coffee (or two) and develop the business, operational, technical and environmental briefs. We’ll then carry out surveys, building appraisals, and investigate any lease obligations.

Visualise Visualise

Next, we’ll bring your project to life. We’ll show you initial designs using space planning, 3D visuals and mood boards, and we’ll select furniture so you can visualise your new workplace. It’s not just about design, however; we’ll also deliver robust budgets, an outline programme and initial risk assessments. This stage is about helping you to make informed decisions.

Define Define

Following agreement of the project and environmental objectives, the next stage involves finalising all the details. We'll source competitive costs for all key work packages and suppliers, obtain statutory and landlord approvals, prepare commercially secure contract documents, and develop the detailed technical and services design.

Deliver Deliver

From a secure foundation of informed decision-making and commercial security, we’ll deliver your project with a single point of contact. We’ll take care of everything, from hands-on site management, financial control and furniture installation, to risk management and quality control. Finally, we’ll organise the relocation and discuss ongoing support for the future.

It's a Blue Jelly thing

Yellow background iconography with wording 'It's a Blue Jelly Thing'

Years ago a loyal client fondly uttered our all-time favourite phrase ‘It’s a Blue Jelly thing’. He was trying to define our unmatchable combination of people, creativity, processes and reliability. Since then we’ve worked hard to distill and understand exactly what makes our culture so special.

To us it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey. That’s why our clients come back to us again and again. Blue Jelly understands relationships, we build with you not for you, we listen and we care. Blue Jelly is trustworthy, has decades of experience and knows what needs to be done. Ultimately, we build positive workplaces that teams love it be in.

That’s what our clients mean when they say ‘it’s a blue jelly thing’.