New Pre con manager – Seif

Seif joined our team recently in the Pre-Contracts department. He has been a great addition and we thought it was about time we learned a little bit more about him!

Name: Seif

Job role: Pre-Contracts Manager

Tea or coffee: coffee, give me the caffeine

Dogs or cats: Dog

Favourite job you have worked on: I’ve been lucky to work on some great projects, for amazing brands, but the one that sticks out, is Penhalligans office.  It was a great design and I enjoyed working with a luxury brand.

Favourite element of your role: It might sound dull, but I’m a numbers guy, so working out costs and getting into the detail of a project is something I enjoy.

Best thing about this industry is: Every project is different, which means you meet a lot of people.  It’s good working with so many different and cool people.

Favourite TV show/film: I like lots of different genres, but my favourite movie is Interstella.