New Office Manager – Maxine

Maxine joined us earlier this year.  She is our Office Manager and Team Secretary.

Maxine is the go-to person in the office, and what she doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing. As she mans the phones and is often the first point of contact, we thought it would be nice to get to know her a little better.

Name: Maxine Preston

Job role: Office Manager & Team Secretary

Tea or coffee: Tea, definitely

Dogs or cats: Dogs! Cats aren’t loyal*

Favourite element of your role: Kicking people in to touch ?

Best thing about this industry: Having a sneak-peek into other people’s workplaces

Favourite TV show/film: Pulp Fiction (or anything Tarantino has made)

Welcome to the team, Maxine.

*This is Maxine’s opinion only and not that of the wider Blue Jelly team. We think all pets are equal and should be treated so.