Ergonomics and the Positive Workplace

One of the Blue Jelly four cornerstones for the Positive Workplace is Wellbeing. Wellbeing is a word that has been banded around quite a bit over recent years and a lot more since the return to work commenced earlier in the year.

At Blue Jelly we break the cornerstone down into three subsections:

  • Health
  • Ergonomics
  • Promoting Movement

Today I would like to focus on Ergonomics; ergonomics is defined as the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.

Height adjustable desks, R&D into operator and task chairs (including bum testing!), keyboard design, in house physiotherapy, workplace massage therapists. The list goes on. Whilst nothing new and all of the above have been extensively covered, the part of the subject that has only just come to focus (for the mainstream majority) is home working.

Obviously the makeshift ironing boards and kitchen tables would not fall into the category of a proper ergonomic working environment. Whilst great as a quick fix or short working period, they certainly do not work for a whole working day and certainly not if you still have that setup from March 2020!

Posture, back ache, bad neck etc. can all be alleviated by several products available on the market. Ideally you have a sit-stand desk with a proper task chair and height adjustable screen rather than using a laptop on your lap. This is not practical or affordable for most, but there are cost effective solutions on the market.

At Blue Jelly we are big fans of Bento by Dataflex. Available in multiple colours and can be used in several different heights, it’s the ultimate ergonomic desktop accessory. Personally I like to use mine to turn my laptop into an additional screen, using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Although I have also used it simply to improve the angle of the laptop keyboard and screen height.

Whether working from home or working from an office, the ergonomics are a fundamental to your Positive Workplace.

In the workplaces we produce we listen to, and help identify, our clients’ requirements and ensure that employees health and wellbeing is at the centre of each build. We can create a Positive Workplace that will not only make best use of the space you are occupying, but also enhance your employee satisfaction, productivity, and motivation. Contact me today to receive your copy of our Blueprint for your Future Workplace guide and to discuss the start of your Blue Jelly journey.