Introducing the Positive Workplace

The Positive Workplace: we all talk about it, it’s on our website, it’s in our posts and our documents. But what does it mean?

We know what positivity is and we know what the workplace is, but how do you define what that is? What creates the Positive Workplace? Fear not, over the coming weeks I will be breaking down how we at Blue Jelly define the makeup of the Positive Workplace.

Below is a breakdown of our 4 cornerstones, which we then further breakdown. The reason we do this (and actually go a bit further for internal project conversations) is because it is so key to get the right balance of all these elements within the workplace. The Positive Workplace is our not-so-secret ingredient as to why our projects are so successful and why we have such happy clients who stick with us through the years.



  • Health
  • Ergonomics
  • Promoting Movement



  • Collaboration
  • Brand Awareness
  • Culture and Fit



  • Improved Acoustics
  • Good Air
  • Let in the Light



  • Agile Working
  • Video Conferencing
  • Improved Efficiency


I look forward to sharing our insights on the above over the coming weeks.

We can help create a Positive Workplace that will not only make best use of the space you are occupying, but also enhance your employee satisfaction, productivity, and motivation. Contact me today to receive your copy of our Blueprint for your Future Workplace guide to discuss the start of your Blue Jelly journey.